Damn! It”s Mournday Again !!

Argh!! Guess what day is it again today ?!! Yeah anythinglah. No Engineering Mechanics lecture today, so class started at 1pm. Waited for the bus for more than half an hour, we waited and waited and decided to get a cab coz Nabil had test so he can”t be late.\r\nI was supposed to have a lecture at 1pm, no, not the Engineering Mechanics but Communication & the Profession. Went to the lecture room, empty ?!! Oh wait, there”s a notice there. Lecture room is changed for the rest of semester to H2-35. So I went to H2-35. Wait a minute, this is not a lecture room. This is more like the lecturer”s room. It says there at the door, “Administration,CEO” something something. What the hell ?! Where”s the lecture room ?!! I tried to ask, so I knocked the door, eh..no answer?? So I tried to open the door, eh? Locked?? Bummer\r\nNext class?? Its the 4 hour practical !!! The first 2 hours I continued my work doing the turning, adjusting the rods and drilling. Im really off the track man, Im too slow on doing this stuff. Im no good at doing this !!! Shit !!! Ah, well the next 2 hours, I went to the other building doing sand casting. Just pour all the sand over a moulded stuff, make it really tight, take out the moulded stuff and put it together again. Made some holes to get the hot boiling Aluminium in it.\r\nI got the honour to pour the Aluminium coz my group finished first. The others just watch. Bleh -_-;;\r\nThe rain,,,,the rain….its still raining…..when will this winter end ?!!! Its already September laa wei !!! Lucky I always bring my umbrella along..if not I”ll be all wet !!\r\nAnyway anyway, you manga lovers out there, go to http://manga.aoi-hikari.net/. It”s especially for you guys. 😉 . For now, there”s naruto, assobot goku, saikano side story, dramatic irony and hikaru no go.\r\n[edit]My 100th post !! [/edit]


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