Do I need a car ??

Sometimes, there”s a time when you feel really bored waiting for the bus. Today is the same. Although there”s a timetable for the bus, but bus 225 doesn”t follow that timetable and that”s the only bus going to my campus. Why is there only 1 bus from my place going to the campus man ??\r\nI got to the bus station at 10.30am, normally the bus would usually come at 10.40am but no !! It didn”t today. *wait 30 minutes* -_-;; I hate this man. Do I really need a car ?? Hm, well if I do, what would I use it for ? It”s not that Im really familiar with this place nor that I hang out much outside. The only place I go are ..the Mawson Lake campus and the city. That”s it.\r\nThere”re a couple of cars on my mind, Peugeot 307 and Ford Focus. Peugeot 307 is abit too much eh, but Ford Focus is kinda cheap here. It”s less than 20k aussie dollar, it”s cheaper than the stupid Kembara man !! Kembara 1.3cc Ford Focus 2.0cc …what the hell ?!! 20k aussie dollar convert to rm it”s like around rm50k …Kembara ”special edition” is like somewhere around rm57k !! shit!!\r\nHm, it”s not like Im desperate or anything, my P isn”t over till the end of the year so there”s no point of buying eh.\r\nThis is the last week before the 2 week of holiday begins. Exactly 1 week before I go back to Malaysia !! YeaH!!!


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