Take a look at this. I feel like throwing my Alcatel OT501. Heh, that motorola has everything I want !!\r\nVideotalk \r\nDigital picture & video camera \r\nVideo downloads \r\nTouch screen for easy email \r\nMP3 player \r\nUSB connectivity \r\nModem to access the Internet via a laptop \r\n8MB internal memory with memory card expansion \r\nOpen operating system (with restrictions) \r\nIncluded in the pack: Handset, 2 x battery, 2 x mains chargers, desktop cradle, USB cable, CD ROM, carry case, stereo headset, 32MB memory card.\r\nDamn cool weii!! My friends bought a new phone. One is that Motorola A920 and another one is the flip video handphone. Damn it!! Im gonna go to the city tomorrow and get that Motorola straight away !! Hahahahaha…calls between 3 users is free for the first 10 minutes !! 24/7 !! Beat the crap outta Optus !! 30cents a minute, 38 bucks monthly fee, and the max they can charge me is 99 bucks man !! Even if I call like 99999999999hours in a month. Damn that phone is so sweeeeetttt !!’, ‘Motorola A920 !!

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