saturday saturday saturday

Im not gonna go back on next week Tuesday…I’ve changed the flight date to this Saturday..that’s TOMORROW !! \nChanged the date while I was waiting to get my Motorola A920 ready.\nNow Im at the Uni”s lab… just finished the last assignment before the mid-term break begins.\n\nTonight I’ll most probably watch Bad Boys II with Nabil and the gang.\nI’ve not watched Bad Boys I though. Heh.\nArsenal lost to Inter 3-0 . What the hell ?!!! \n\nTomorrow’s flight’s at 3pm. It’s either Kula who’ll send me to the airport or I have no choice to take the cab.\n\nOh yea, I bought Boogiepop Phantom 4-6 dvd too. Im still clueless about changing the vob files to .avi.\n\nWill be back in Adelaide on the 3rd of October, hopefully.\n\n\n\n\n- me doing MATLAB assignment..who took the pic eh ?? w0ooOo00…\n\n\n\n-the city view, taken when I was in Kula’s car.\n\n\n\n- another city view, this time I got bored from waiting Kula to buy his IDD card.\n\n\n\n- there was actually a jazz band playing there. that”s my mawson lake campus. there was also people giving out free hot dogs, too bad I can’t take ’em coz it’s not properly slaughtered šŸ˜›


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