watcha gonna do??

jet lagged…\r\nokay, I watched \r\n \r\nwith Nabil, Sikyi, Eugene, Kenneth and his usual eh? The same gang.. :ÞŠWe ate at mcD just b4 the movie starts…I ate fillet o fish meal -_-;;\r\nI haven”t watched bad boys 1, so I had no idea what bad boys 2 is all about.\r\nBut I gotta say, bb2 is so damn good !! From the beginning…till the end…is all action packed!! cars, bullets & people flying. \r\nThe best part for me, I think…is when the special force ambushed the crazy cult and the 2 main characters, will smith and martin lawrence.\r\”s not ”all” action packed..where there”s will smith..there”ll always be stupid funny jokes .. HaHa..Yeah! It”s funny + intense? \r\nBullets going thru heads…. hmmmm….sweettt\r\nWatch it !! It”s wayyyyyyy better than Pirates of the Carribeans shitz\r\n*2 thumbs up* for bb2.. POTC sucks\r\nOh yea, I didn”t know my dad got his hilux already ^^ cool uh\r\n

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