more space !!

Got my 1gig of webspace few hours ago. Yup 1 gigabyte of web storage space !! Thanks to fivio. Gonna store junks there. Most probably mangas and mp3s. There won”t be enuff space to store much animes. Currently Im uploading Figure 17 – Tsubasa and Hikaru. Heard of it ? No? Coz it”s licenced. I”ll put new animes up each week or fourth night if there”s any request. Figure 17 is an 13? episode animes. Each episode is around 40 minutes. Darn, 1 file is 300mb !!\r\nIt”ll be ready in 6 hours time. My upload speed sucks.\r\nMircX is going nuts now. People attacking. Looks like people like to attack irc servers which have many anime channels in it uh?\r\nAh, if there”s someone out there that wants to help me upload stuff that I don”t have, please e-mail me.\r\nDon”t forget to get Figure 17 – Tsubasa and Hikaru yah!! The OP song rawks !!\r\n\r\n


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