AxN Anime Fest Pics!!

Venue – MidValley MegaMall Convention Centre\r\nDate – 27th September 2003\r\nTime – 12 noon – 9 evening\r\n\r\nNot a good event handled by AXN and the co”s. \r\nThe place, damn small ! It”s too crowded. There weren”t much things there.\r\nDidn”t get to see the cosplays !!\r\nGotta wait turns to enter the place !! >_< !!\r\nThey should make it at PWTC lah!!\r\nGot the Malaysian Ragnarok Online free cd. Didn”t get the poster !!\r\n\r\nStupid pictures taken. Sorry, no Cosplayers. :(\r\n\r\n\r\nRagnarok Online hits Malaysia!!\r\nRagnarok Online hits Malaysia!!\r\n\r\nRagnarok Online characters.[not the middle one]\r\nRagnarok Online characters.[not the middle one]\r\n\r\n*Huge* stage uh\r\n*Huge* stage uh\r\n\r\nNo idea who they are suppose to be as\r\nCan”t get a good picture of this. Too many people. No idea who there are suppose to be as\r\n\r\nLacus Klein and Kira Yamato isshoni\r\nLacus Klein and Kira Yamato isshoni ^^ I want that!!\r\n\r\nAthrun Zara and Cagali\r\nAthrun Zara and Cagali

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