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Full Metal SEED?

Just watched Full Metal Panic Fumoffu? 12. It was DAMN FUNNY !! Actually, the whole serie from 1-12 is FUNNY !!\nIsn”t it good when an anime imitating an another one ?\n\nHa ha…take a good look at this.\n\nNose Bleed!! Super Nose Bleed!! You''ll pay for this!! Kill! Kill! Kill! Pantsu! Unleashed! I''ll reveal my hidden powers! \n\nTanoshii deshou ?? 😀


‘good’ bad day

Didn”t eat anything for sahur today -_-;; Just ate a couple of roti cheese before I sleep.\r\nHm, okay so this afternoon, walked for 10minutes to get to the bus stop. Yea, I have class today. It was drizzling today. *Woosh* bus 222 passed,,goodness it wasn”t bus 225. Soon after that, bus 224…..226…228….229. Okay, chill. I can still wait. 2 buses coming…it was 222, 226 -_-;; . 228, 229. \r\nPatience, patience.\r\nIt was raining by then…\r\nAh…lucky!! Another bus ! lucky? NOT!! It wasn”t 225! aRghHH!! I waited almost an hour!\r\nTake a cab? I just bought a multitrip ticket for the bus $10.70. Where the heck I got any money left. Fasting month must bersabar alot.\r\nWhy is the 225 bus so few ??? Why do you have to make me wait so long? I hate waiting. The problem is, there”s no exact schedule for bus 225. Geez..\r\nMy life….hope it won”t be as miserable as this next year.\r\nDamn that SikYi is so lucky….That guy went to Handorf Town and found 100 bucks there…kuso!\r\n\r\noH yeah!! Yesterday I teached SikYi some japanese words!! me Guru boy :P\r\n\r\nLemme see what can I recap\r\ntori – bird\r\nbuta – pig\r\nnezumi – mouse/rat\r\nneko – cat\r\ninu – dog\r\nsaru – monkey\r\nkaeru – frog\r\ngenki – healthy/fine something like that\r\n\r\nerm…that”s all for now. my vocab is not that good\r\nand I know nuts about putting the words in a sentence =_=\r\n\r\n-My anime list-\r\n\r\nListening to: Jouhou – 16-sixteen- (03:43)


Im waiting for William to give me the Matlab assignment so I can do something with it. Yeah like typing the documentations and printing the graphs and all. Where is that guy? He”s suppose to call me. Im waiting like a duck now. I could call him if I want to but it”s better for him to call me after he gets it all ready, afterall we”re using ”three” so we get free calls.\nHad my sahur alone. My housemate doesn”t want to waste the milk, so he ate the cereals? He has a point there. Oh well, my sahur? As usual, too lazy to cook fried rice, so white rice and ketchup is the best 🙂 side dishes; ayam masak merah and some potatoes.\n\nmy new sony headphone!!\nMy new MD headphone bought at J-B Hifi store\nwe''re enjoying our bus ride aren''t we?\nMerlina took this picture in the bus while we were going to Central Market\n\n[Listening to: Favorite Things – Incubus – S.C.I.E.N.C.E (03:11)]

tom yam anyone?

Yeap, yesterday? yeah like a few hours ago was kinda special. Reached the city around 6.40pm and hang around with Nabil, William and Rashid until 7.30pm and intended to ”berbuka” at Knoodle. Guess what? It”s closed at 7.30pm -_-;; smart.\nSo we[me,william,rashid] walked all the way to China Town. Nabil was there already. I entered and ordered Fillet Fish fried noodle? Suddenly William friends came and decided to eat at Glenelg with the birthday girl. It was already 8.30pm then and all I had was a can of coke and some chocalates. \nOkay, reached at Glenelg and it was almost 9.00pm and finally all of us agreed to eat at Natee Thai. Hm..Thai restaurant, sure is expensive. We had no other choice, almost all the other restaurants were closed.\nWhat did we order? Vegie cake, Mushroom Tom Yam, Sweet & Sour Salmon fish, and another dish I can”t remember. Total = $78.10 divided by 9 people. Can”t say that Im satisfied with the food. It was too little and the tom yam..wasn”t that spicy.\nCalled my mom about changing course just now. Hope everything works well. Amin.\n\nrashid smiles ahmad and william\n\n[Listening to: Sato Hiromi – Guri Guri – Sato Hiromi – Guri Guri / Aozora (04:01)]

i need to get more…

\nWho”s Your Anime Girlfriend?\n\n
\nWhat Anime Stereotype Are You?


Guess Im not too late to wish everyone happy fasting;ramadhan the sacred month. Let”s see, today”s sahur was white rice with ketchup, fried egg and curry meat. Not bad at all, say no to ”maggi” :P\r\nI was supposed to be cooking with Nabil but when I woke up…the food was all ready… wEEeeE ^^;;\r\nMy parents called yesterday. Yeap, they called just before they open their fast. They had ayam percik!! X( gaman..gaman..gaman..\r\nAnyhow..added few links that I like to go to…”anime blog” and ”momotato daioh”, both are anime blogs..sweet :)\r\nI”ll be going to the city later..err soon. Gonna break fast with some friends over there. A friend”s friend of mine is gonna celebrate her birthday party at Glenelg? Hm…\r\nTarawikh..yea, how am I gonna perform that. The mosque is really far..\r\nExams gonna be at RAS/RIDCEN? Where the heck is that? I know it”s somewhere in the city..but what does that shortform mean??\r\nEngineering Mathematics 1N – 17/11/2003 – Monday – 2.00pm – 3 hours\r\nEngineering Mechanics – 21/11/2003 – Friday – 3.00pm – 3 hours \r\nCommunication & the Profession – 24/11/2003 – Monday – 2.00pm – 2 hours\r\n[Listening to: Kesenai Tsumi – Nana Kitade – Kesenai Tsumi (04:12)]

gaman gaman gaman…

Yea…patience patience patience….\nFirst day of the fasting day completed…not must hassle except the whether was really crazy cold!!\n\nDid abit of changes here and there in this page. Mite, mite !! I joined alot of stuff. Hm..Saikano, Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu, Last Exile, Haibane Renmei, Gundam SEED, Naruto, Onegai Sensei and Ultra Maniac, all in order.\nStill not enough? I even adopt Brandon! Robin! Narusegawa! Youko! Sano! and Tsukasa! but I really want Chise!! Yea…I wanna adopt Chise ^^;;\nIm gonna put a banner or something on top of the page..someday..maybe..who knows.\nMust bare in mind..the pictures I put are all in the villagephotos place. So when the bandwidth reaches 5MB…All of ”em will go *kapish*\n\n[Listening to: Rumbling hearts – Kuribayashi Minami – Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ED (04:54)]