jikan wa ?

Got muh HaroHaro, erm…2 days ago. Thanks neptune! Thanks mistabean!\r\n\r\nFor those who don”t know what HaroHaro actually is, its one of the cute characters in Gundam SEED.In SEED, Athrun Zara made ”em alot and gave to his ex-fiancee Lacus Klein.\r\n\r\nIt”s pink ! It can tell time ! Yeah, the pro is, well not the prob actually, this thing a a japanese speaking Aibo ! :P\r\n\r\nThe Basic Numbers ^^*\r\n\r\n0 ZERO ~ zero (zeh – row)\r\n1 ONE ~ ichi (E – Chee)\r\n2 TWO ~ ni (knee)\r\n3 THREE ~ san (saan)\r\n4 FOUR ~ yon/shi (ywan / She)*\r\n5 FIVE ~ go (go)\r\n6 SIX ~ roku (row – ku) \r\n7 SEVEN ~ nana/shichi (na – na / She – Che)**\r\n8 EIGHT ~ hachi (HA – CHE)\r\n9 NINE ~ kyuu (cue)\r\n10 TEN ~ ju (ju)\r\n\r\nfrom noated\r\n\r\nAll I need now is to set the time and the alarm.\r\n\r\nHaro 01Haro 02\r\nHaro 03


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