what now?

So I didn”t update for more than a week. What have I been doing?\nNot much, that”s what I can tell. Finally I handed up tha Maths assignment today. Lucky the lecturer gave an extension coz there was a mistake for question 1. It was supposed to be handed up on Tuesday though.\nOh yea, yesterday”s tutorial quiz was alrite, not really that difficult coz I did answer all of the questions. Kula sent me home today. Good good, I don”t have to walk to the otherside for 10 minutes to get to my house from the bus stop.\nWhat a relief, not that he hasn”t sent me home before.\nThe whether? Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. It”s still cold during the night. Not so when it”s afternoon. Well, we”ve just finished ”winter”. \nPuasa would probably be around the 27th this month. Time flies fast as usual.\nI won”t be able to celebrate Hari Raya at Malaysia..Hm..Puasa during summer. That”s an experience.\nToday”s special dinner. Nasi putih + kicap manis + ayam masak merah..boleh tahan…sedap jugak.. XD\nTomorrow morning kena pergi city, masukkan duit ke bank and friday”s prayer

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