fasting month is near, exam is near\r\nfasting starts on 27th October 2003\r\nexam starts on 17th November, ends on 24th November.\r\nFlight ticket on 4th December.\r\nI”ll miss first day of Raya….hM..beraya outside KL @ Kedah for the first time.\r\nGot my test paper for integration..not bad lah 8/10..I thought I didn”t do well.\r\nThere was a test this morning..Don”t think I”ll get a good score coz I know I didn”t get the answer rite.\r\nArsenal lost to Dynamo Kiev 2-1\r\nsomething that I am not suprised. \r\n*Inner Hisyam – KusO!!!!!!!! chikushou!!! shimatta!!!*\r\nSo how”s anime world ?? Damn saiyaman…I gotta time Inuyasha pulak.. ~_~\r\nso now what ? Ningyo no Mori, Godannar and Inuyasha…argh~!*pulls hair*\r\nI think the timing part is the part where it takes your time the most…no wonder its call “timing” \r\nDone QC Galaxy Angel S3 29-30 for #a-m this early early morning..I was too lazy to pull it back coz they are already way off schedule.\r\nI notice some mistakes…\r\nlike the timing for the episode title was too fast that I couldn”t read it all..and the credits..the timing was off.. -_-;;\r\nMind you..I didn”t time that episode okay..someone else did..\r\nand ya.. if someone said it alot of times… do you have to put in brackets = (said several times) in the subtitle ??? LOL ..that is not necessary at all..\r\nah..anyhow\r\nI just said OK and release..but I hope they don”t do the same for the next episode\r\nANBU released Cromartie 02 and 03..and the A-M crews were pissed.. LOL\r\n………am I saying too much?

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