teh blair witch project

As always, me and my three other friends always hang out at Rundle Mall every Saturday. Me and Nabil went to Central Market to buy our groceries for the fasting month first. Later we meet up with two of our friends. After we settled our lunch and groceries, we went to JB Hi-Fi store to check out some dvds to watch later that night. \r\nNabil was really eager to get Band of Brothers. Eight dvds and there was a price cut for it. Not that bad actually. Oh yeah, I watched We were Soldiers on Friday night with them. The story is really great, really. The best part was the time when the mortar team got bombed and Jimmy Nakayama? Nakamaya? got toast..and his legs…damn…melt \r\nWe were out of ideas what to get at that time..so we checked out the horror section. Suddenly, as usual..I suggested a ”brilliant” movie to watch..it is “THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT“\r\n*birds chirping*\r\nThere was one left on stock, lucky and it”s only 12 bucks o.0;; .\r\nI haven”t read the book or played the game but from what I heard from my friend..it is scary. That was..three years ago.\r\nAfter dinner, Cibo, Daytona and Fusball..we gathered at Eugene”s room for our early Sunday morning movie. eRk..daylight saving.. -_-;;\r\nIt is October 20th, 1994. Three Montgomery college students; Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams who are trying to to make a project for their college. The project which is called “The Blair Witch Project” obviously was at first is just to discover the “myth” of the Blair Witch.\r\nFrom what it says on the dvd, they spent eight days for their project. The first day of their project starts by interviewing the Burkittsville(Blair) residents on whether they have heard or know anything about Blair Witch.\r\nThe second day, these three students left their car and went inside the forest.\r\nThey went inside searching for clues or any suspicious objects around. But you gotta know that this girl, Heather Donahue is not someone you want to be with. She”s one stubborn, arrogant freak. It”s like she knows and want them to follow what she says. \r\nThey were suppose to get out the forest after three days but…I guess they were dumb enough to rely too much on their compas and their map. So this Michael guy went nuts and kicked the map to the ocean. Now they”re LOST ! Heather acted like she knew where they were and where the car was.\r\nEvery night, they will hear ”something”. The first was like a person”s footstep, the second was a child”s laugh but when they woke up and got out their camp, they saw a pile of stones or a pile of tied sticks. \r\nJosh dissapeard, Heather and Mike went wild. They believed that they heard Josh”s voice somewhere. Somehow, they were ”invited” to this house. A house in the middle of the woods ??!! \r\nMike heard Josh”s voice on the top floor …Heather was trying to catch Mike up..No no..Mike heard Josh”s voice again..now it”s on the lower floor. Heather was left behind. Heather saw Mike standing on the corner of the room and facing the wall.\r\nMy question is, is this whole thing really true? It seems like it really is. You”ll know why coz the whole filming is by just using what Heather and Mike”s vidcam. Which is a cheap, amateur one.\r\nI need to get the book…..someday\r\n-edit-\r\nsearch some infos on TBWP and it”s a blardy HOAX !! Ceh..it seemed so real\r\n-/edit-

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