Guess Im not too late to wish everyone happy fasting;ramadhan the sacred month. Let”s see, today”s sahur was white rice with ketchup, fried egg and curry meat. Not bad at all, say no to ”maggi” :P\r\nI was supposed to be cooking with Nabil but when I woke up…the food was all ready… wEEeeE ^^;;\r\nMy parents called yesterday. Yeap, they called just before they open their fast. They had ayam percik!! X( gaman..gaman..gaman..\r\nAnyhow..added few links that I like to go to…”anime blog” and ”momotato daioh”, both are anime blogs..sweet :)\r\nI”ll be going to the city later..err soon. Gonna break fast with some friends over there. A friend”s friend of mine is gonna celebrate her birthday party at Glenelg? Hm…\r\nTarawikh..yea, how am I gonna perform that. The mosque is really far..\r\nExams gonna be at RAS/RIDCEN? Where the heck is that? I know it”s somewhere in the city..but what does that shortform mean??\r\nEngineering Mathematics 1N – 17/11/2003 – Monday – 2.00pm – 3 hours\r\nEngineering Mechanics – 21/11/2003 – Friday – 3.00pm – 3 hours \r\nCommunication & the Profession – 24/11/2003 – Monday – 2.00pm – 2 hours\r\n[Listening to: Kesenai Tsumi – Nana Kitade – Kesenai Tsumi (04:12)]


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