Im waiting for William to give me the Matlab assignment so I can do something with it. Yeah like typing the documentations and printing the graphs and all. Where is that guy? He”s suppose to call me. Im waiting like a duck now. I could call him if I want to but it”s better for him to call me after he gets it all ready, afterall we”re using ”three” so we get free calls.\nHad my sahur alone. My housemate doesn”t want to waste the milk, so he ate the cereals? He has a point there. Oh well, my sahur? As usual, too lazy to cook fried rice, so white rice and ketchup is the best 🙂 side dishes; ayam masak merah and some potatoes.\n\nmy new sony headphone!!\nMy new MD headphone bought at J-B Hifi store\nwe''re enjoying our bus ride aren''t we?\nMerlina took this picture in the bus while we were going to Central Market\n\n[Listening to: Favorite Things – Incubus – S.C.I.E.N.C.E (03:11)]

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