tom yam anyone?

Yeap, yesterday? yeah like a few hours ago was kinda special. Reached the city around 6.40pm and hang around with Nabil, William and Rashid until 7.30pm and intended to ”berbuka” at Knoodle. Guess what? It”s closed at 7.30pm -_-;; smart.\nSo we[me,william,rashid] walked all the way to China Town. Nabil was there already. I entered and ordered Fillet Fish fried noodle? Suddenly William friends came and decided to eat at Glenelg with the birthday girl. It was already 8.30pm then and all I had was a can of coke and some chocalates. \nOkay, reached at Glenelg and it was almost 9.00pm and finally all of us agreed to eat at Natee Thai. Hm..Thai restaurant, sure is expensive. We had no other choice, almost all the other restaurants were closed.\nWhat did we order? Vegie cake, Mushroom Tom Yam, Sweet & Sour Salmon fish, and another dish I can”t remember. Total = $78.10 divided by 9 people. Can”t say that Im satisfied with the food. It was too little and the tom yam..wasn”t that spicy.\nCalled my mom about changing course just now. Hope everything works well. Amin.\n\nrashid smiles ahmad and william\n\n[Listening to: Sato Hiromi – Guri Guri – Sato Hiromi – Guri Guri / Aozora (04:01)]


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