‘good’ bad day

Didn”t eat anything for sahur today -_-;; Just ate a couple of roti cheese before I sleep.\r\nHm, okay so this afternoon, walked for 10minutes to get to the bus stop. Yea, I have class today. It was drizzling today. *Woosh* bus 222 passed,,goodness it wasn”t bus 225. Soon after that, bus 224…..226…228….229. Okay, chill. I can still wait. 2 buses coming…it was 222, 226 -_-;; . 228, 229. \r\nPatience, patience.\r\nIt was raining by then…\r\nAh…lucky!! Another bus ! lucky? NOT!! It wasn”t 225! aRghHH!! I waited almost an hour!\r\nTake a cab? I just bought a multitrip ticket for the bus $10.70. Where the heck I got any money left. Fasting month must bersabar alot.\r\nWhy is the 225 bus so few ??? Why do you have to make me wait so long? I hate waiting. The problem is, there”s no exact schedule for bus 225. Geez..\r\nMy life….hope it won”t be as miserable as this next year.\r\nDamn that SikYi is so lucky….That guy went to Handorf Town and found 100 bucks there…kuso!\r\n\r\noH yeah!! Yesterday I teached SikYi some japanese words!! Haha..call me Guru boy :P\r\n\r\nLemme see what can I recap\r\ntori – bird\r\nbuta – pig\r\nnezumi – mouse/rat\r\nneko – cat\r\ninu – dog\r\nsaru – monkey\r\nkaeru – frog\r\ngenki – healthy/fine something like that\r\n\r\nerm…that”s all for now. my vocab is not that good\r\nand I know nuts about putting the words in a sentence =_=\r\n\r\n-My anime list-\r\n\r\nListening to: Jouhou – 16-sixteen- (03:43)

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