We will miss you Dr. M

Sigh..he”s been in charge for 22 years. How life will be without him? Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the fifth PM.\r\nThe world will truely miss him.\r\nSome quotes from Utusan and NST\r\nIn Singapore, The Straits Times in its editorial, says that Dr Mahathir has been such a permanent fixture, “it will be hard to conceive of a neighbourhood without him. Correction ? make that a world stage.\r\nIn Jakarta, many Indonesians are full of praise for Dr Mahathir and say they will miss his leadership.\r\nThey see Dr Mahathir not just as the Malaysian Prime Minister but as an Islamic leader close to their hearts.\r\nMeanwhile, the stupid Australia PM, John Howard got this to say:\r\nPerdana Menteri Australia, John Howard enggan mengulas apabila ditanya sama ada beliau ingin menyampaikan ucapan perpisahan kepada Dr. Mahathir yang telah kerap menjadikan Australia sebagai sasaran kritikan.\r\n“Saya tidak ada sebarang komen,”” kata Howard kepada stesen radio 3AW.\r\nSayonara hitoshi hito\r\nMada wasurenaenai anata no koto\r\nSayonara no hito koto de\r\nWatashi mau nante\r\nKanashiiyo

11 responses to “We will miss you Dr. M

  • moona

    Ohooo… you went to Comic Fiesta ek? My sis ajak-ed me but then aku malas. Went out to Sg Wang & Low Yat with my friends instead. I think my sis went as L from Death Note. You going for CosMas?

  • hisyam

    sou desu ne, hm cosmas? most probably, if i know how to go there la

  • kiDChan

    do you realize that organizing an event is not that simple? 🙂

  • annoyed

    dude, u think its easy to get a place to hold an event like this? its not that popular yet in malaysia so suck it up and accept flaws like that. dont go dissin’ the organizers.

    Narrow minded? Its just a name. COmicfiesta only has to do with manga and doujin? then whats the fun of having it in the first place? people keep other events alive to supplement the event. YOURE the one whos narrow minded. You should look more at other cons. You obviously lack the experience and knowledge in these events.

  • guest18

    dude you sux …

    first if you are complaining about location ,why dont you try to go find a place for us then

    second ,xy is not from AM ,she used to but she is more toward mcc

    third since when any event detonate by it name ? pc fair must sell pc stuff only lah then what about magazine ? is it soo dissapointing to see an event got more than it offer ?

    fourth who is narrow minded now ,who only shoot yuna pic who only want an event to follow it name and not to give more than it offer ?

    fifth ,try to get sponsorship then ,you will see how hard it is to get anything

    I could rant until tomorrow morning but what the point of ranting to a person like you ?

  • Heal

    Hrm… I’m curious, you say that Comic Fiesta should only be solely for manga, doujin and comics, yes? Yet Comiket, short for Comic Market, the pioneer in these events does exactly the same thing. You can’t say that there is no cosplay there, yes? I beg to differ when you say that there is no difference between Cosmas and Comic Fiesta. Of course, both will have similiarities, after all, we’re in the same genre. But, the focus is different. If you had noticed the structure of booth placement and the main hall, I’m sure you would agree.

    Talking about sponsorship, well, that’s an interesting topic there. Do you happen to know that the prizes were sponsored, not bought? Obviously the organisers will have to give out the sponsored prizes as prizes, agreed? I admit that location-wise, that could be improved, yes. But when you receive an offer to hold your events there for free, It does bring some weight into considerations, ne? Especially when booking a space in say… Midvalley, costs RM6000.

    Hrm… I doubt that you have ever gone overseas? Accents and styles of speaking differ greatly from person to person, of course, if you have socialized enough, I suppose you already know? Oh yes, that would actually be the core aim of these events, you know. To meet and expand your social network. Try it next time, and be as the Romans.

    – Heal

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  • saf

    aku nak sgt….jumpa Ben,Kaoru and sume pelukis2 komik dlm majalah starz…tapi aku x de pluang sbb dah nak pekse,tkongkong…arghhh geramnyerrrrr:-((:-((

  • Hisyam

    ahaha..rilex. exam lagi penting (party)

  • Soujiro

    Have you went upstairs of the Balai Seni Lukis Negara? There’re lots of doujinshi booths and manga booths. You can’t say that the event sucks just because they added anime merchandises and cosplayers in it. If you like events that are solely for manga and comics, try holding the event yourself… I doubt that it will be as crowded as Comic Fiesta…

  • Hisyam

    Yea, I saw donjinshi booths but manga? So tell me, what manga did they sell? Were there Full Metal Panic? Azumanga Daioh? Kare Kano? Saikano? etc etc etc…

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