Full Metal Alchemist 05 – Dash! Auto-Mail

People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something.\r\nYou must present something of equal value to gain something.\r\nThat is the principle of equivalent trade in alchemy.\r\nFamous phrases taken from FMA. It is somewhat true. This anime involves abit of science. Now that”s interesting. The fourth episode was good. Well, I don”t think the fourth is in the manga. \r\nAnyhow, the anime is really good compared to the manga IMO. The fifth follows the manga. Flashbacks, flashbacks. Yup, no recaps, that”s good. This episode shows how the Elric brothers met with Roy Mustang and how they get to take the National Alchemist test.\r\nkUsO!! NANIII?!!!! Dun call me a chibi!!! eat my knee!! tough luck buddy Hm....roasted..


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