new stuff turns me on…

Added some extra new features into my site. Err, only 4 extras that I can remember now.\nI”ll start from the top to bottom..\nFirst is that “New Window” checkbox.If it”s check, all the links in my site will be open in a new window. If it”s not, it”ll open in the same window, as simple as that.\n2nd is the “Recent Comments” section on the left. Just for fun, you can read the 5 recents comments on my blog. It”s your choice if you don”t want to. :)\nThird is the “BlogRolling” stuff..what”s if for ? Haha, it”s a tool to make my life lazier. Just click, click..and the your blog site is linked to mine. :3\nThe last feature..under the Misc. displays the total entries and total comments. \nThat”s it?!!\n\nNewayz, I bet everyone know is hooked with friendster. Why is everyone making a fuss about it eh? It”s like a major internet thing after napster, communityzero, kazaa, etc.\n\nI feel really…weird somehow when Im using friendster. It”s like…hey I”m here..on the mainpage..what do I need to do next? Check for testimonials? =/\nSearch for more friend”s who”s using a stupid picture of himself. Write tesmonials, bla bla bla.\n\nOh, one good thing. Seems like my ex-school mates from Bangsar is in this friendster stuff. Oh my, they”ve all grown o.0;; Yup, I know them, but that doesn”t mean that they knew me or they were close to me. It”s just that, doesn”t it feel good to know that your old ”friends” are still alive ? *I can”t seem to locate May Kim in friendster XD*\n\nhM..almost forgot, I was trying to get this photoblog to work. I still need to configure the customizing stuff.\n\n*Did I mention that today”s weather is freaking hot?!!*


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