Arsenal won in Europe!!

:cheers \r\nCongrats to the Gunners for the win against Dynamo Kiev. You know, I didn”t expect them to win eh lose.\r\nArsenal haven”t won any Champions League game in a year, before this game.\r\nIt”s sad but its true. They perform magnificient in the EPL.\r\nSo where do we get the goal from?\r\nNo, not from the striker, midfielder?No.Haha..Goallie?! Ur nuts..From the defender ofcourse, who else but Ashley Cole saving the day.\r\nBergkamp”s drive was tipped over the bar, players went to ground with increasing regularity in search of penalties and hope appeared to be all that Arsenal had.\r\nEventually, however, that paid off and their self-belief was rewarded when Cole flung himself at the ball in mid-air to secure victory.\r\nEventually, a Dynamo Kiev icq user messaged me outta nowhere\r\nArsenal – fucken shit and fucken nigers. DYNAMO KIEV_CHAMPION \r\nOurs Belkevich best of the best. Yours Henry bad Bitch. Our flags white – blue. We are a fans Dinamo Kiev. \r\nDinamo Kiev Champion\r\nWhat the hell?!! Hahaha

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