w33!!! No more waiting. Just when I reach the bus stand, the bus 225 arrived! What a good thing to start my day. Lucky?! Perhaps. Why didn”t the bus arrive when I waited for it yesterday, the same time ??\r\nOkay, there I was in Mawson Lake. To the Library here I go. E-mailed the International Office about my application. Hope to hear from them real soon.\r\nWent upstairs to the ”quiet study area”. Opened my Maths ”heavy+thick” textbook.\r\nHm…Hm…looked at the questions.Hm…Hm..next!!…next!!..next!!..Argh!!! :dead\r\nThis is tough, no real example in textbook. How the heck am I gonna solve this.\r\nCalled William for help. He”s still in his house eh. Didn”t go to class I see. :biggrin\r\nAih~kyou wa atsui desu yo….somehow that means..today”s hot!! *hope its correct*\r\nToday”s dinner was abit different from other days. Me and Nabil had Ayam & Daging Madu and Telur Bungkus!! w33!! c00L eh. Then my dad and mom called, guess what they had for their buka puasa? Ketam!!! :drool My faV!! Well, basically I love seafood! Shrimp, octopus, crab, calamari….haihh… *drools again*\r\nNotice the smilies..?? Hehe.

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