The Eternity You Desire 05

Ay aY! Another anime update! Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. A new anime that starts to stick to everyone hearts. Flashbacks. This episode explains alot on how and why this and that happened in episode 4. So if you were like, ”what the hell??” when watching episode 4, watch episode 5. Hopefully, you”ll get the whole idea. \r\ on earth did Hayase get that ugly Octopus and Dolphin mug?? Haha..and yeah, how did Takayuki end up with Hayase the *t00t*\r\nI didn”t cry! I didn”t cry watching this episode!!! Hahahaha. I don”t know. Im not like SikYi :poke\r\nHaruka :ckiss Hehe..\r\nIm a blardy slacker!! I trust you Hayase, NOT! Together forever Want these ugly mugs? Haruka! Aishiteru! Naughty, naughty Hayase!\r\nI hate j00 Hayase!!!!


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