Watched TM & TM…

Eh? Posted three entries in one day yesterday? Gah! What”s happening to me? Heh, this shows that no one bothers chatting with me. Look at me! Im online at Icq, Msn, Yahoo, AIM but not a single soul is even bothered saying hi or anything to me :biggrin brag all you want mistah!\r\ was a mistake for me to wear a thick shirt today. Thought it would be ”cold” yesterday somehow. Heh, what”re you thinking? Its summer! Its even hot during the night. Puasa during Summer. c00L.\r\nOh yea, the campus. Yesterday was the deadline for the Math 1N assignment.\r\nPeople were busy trying to finish their stuff so do I. I went to the library”s first floor. It seems quiet…too quiet. Later me, Kula and William decided to go to the top floor. There you can see…everyone was doing something if not Maths.\r\n*Kula and William went up first actually*\r\nI”ve never seen the library so packed b4. Haha.\r\nOn other note, I watched The Medallion and just a few hours ago I watched The Matrix: Revolution. Don”t wanna spoil the show but The Medallion was frustrating and Matrix Revolution was..hMph…not up to my expectation but it”s still c00L :coolio\r\n

\r\nThe Medallion The Matrix Revolution\r\n\r\n-/edit-\r\nAh, I know Im late but who cares. Naruto Narutimate Hero console game! w33!!\r\n


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