Painful Game

Yesterday, bought a book. Not any ordinary book, but a dummy book. Yes, yes.. I bought Japanese for Dummies!!! :yay I got one in Malaysia but that one is kinda suck. There”s another book for learning japanese in the store, another one includes kanji but JFD doesn”t. Well, I bought JFD coz it”s easier to understand and the grammar/words inside this book is useful. \r\n*there”s also a cd inside :)*\r\nLater that day, me and William went to the International Office to check out how our applications are. Mine has already been sent to the Business Division School. That”s great, but William”s hasn”t. So hopefully, I”ll get my COE next week..\r\nYesterday night…*sigh* Went to SikYi”s *old house* after Cibo, Daytona,Foosball. \r\n*I got first place for the expert circuit, gahahaha*\r\nWe were damn bored, everyone was giving stupid ideas on what to do, especially Nabil :eyebrow . \r\nAt last, we played the card game called ”Big 2” in english. The loser has to stand on 1 side and the other 3 person get to throw a tennis ball at the loser 3 times each. :dead\r\nAt first, I did quite okay, but after that, I kept losing and got hit alot of time especially by Nabil !! :cry . I was too lazy to dodge, move or anything coz was damn sleepy. But when it was Nabil”s”s payback time!! Gahahaha !! >(\r\nYa ya, but the worst thing didn”t end there. While I was waiting for my turn to order Vegieburger Supreme at Hungry Jack”s, suddenly there was this girl-like creature appeared infront of me. She looked at me, smiling like a crazynut and both or her hands showing teh V sign at me..I was like what the helll?!?!!!?! \r\nCrazy australians, drunk australians.


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