Body ServiCe

Yesterday, no two days ago, Sunday, me and Nabil decided to take a look at SikYi,Eugene,Kenneth and David”s new house. \r\nSo we first met at their old house Amalfi.\r\nThen we went to North Terrace, was it? at first we thought of taking a bus but then it was kinda late? so we all took a cab. To Kensington here we go.\r\nTheir house, erm I don”t know how to say if its either a normal terrace house or a town house?\r\nNot that bad, it”s big, spacious, carpeted 2 storey house. The living room is nice, the kitchen, equipt with dish washer is good. There”s even a big garage!\r\nDarn..oh wait..there”s also a security sensor ..wahahaha and they pay cheaper than what Im paying. :eyebrow\r\nAs usual, our day&night&morning routine, play teh Big 2 card. That night, we had steamboat all seafood. Hehe, good ah, lotsa fishballs and crabsticks and vegies. :eat\r\nSince it”s all new, that means no internet, no tv and their pc network also has a problem. Too bad, haha.\r\nI thought of going back home but the last bus was at 10.15pm?! What the early?! What to do but to sleep at their house.\r\nAfter playing the card game for 2938 million times, ofcourse we were bored, we went outside for a walk, at errm can”t remember 3 in the morning?\r\nTough luck, not a single shop opened.*lol* but there”re many restaurants there. Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian restaurants.. Good place la. First we passed thru the shops & restaurants, after that, the housing area, and then the football? cricket field? after that another cricket field. Took us 40 minutes. Quite an adventure eh.\r\nThe fun starts, Eugene the mastermind made us agree to take a bath all together in his jacuzzi spa :yay Yup! Four of us together! I was hesitated, no towel, no short pants, oh well, what the heck. Borrowed theirs. *Eugene only wore a swimming trunk* :nosebleed. The water was blardy hot, almost burnt my feet but later then ok ok warm, nice. Splash! Splash! bZzZt.woops. The water got inside the water pump and some part of the house electricity went down. Gahahaha..ok ok, Nabil turned off the pump bubble maker. We didn”t have any bubble soap at that time, not even a duckie. Spent around 30 minutes there…..\r\nw33…..felt so refreshing..and then makan lagi the steamboat leftovers for sahur.

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