Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien 06

More Haruka! More Haruka! :biggrin\r\nThe story starts of Hayase”s flashback on how she was really happy and friendly with Haruka and Akane as you can see in screenie number 1.\r\nTakayuki has become more ”responsible” by visiting Haruka almost everyday but as you expect, Akane is still mad at Takayuki and Hayase”s relationship.\r\nHaruka”s parents beg Takayuki to visit Haruka as much as he wants for Haruka”s sake. Yea, yea, you know they were the ones who didnt let Takayuki visits Haruka at first but now, you see what happens.\r\nKawaii Haruka gets all embarresed coz of Takayuki telling what Hayase told him about Haruka which is suppose to be a secret.\r\nAnyway, I hope Hayase dies.\r\nIm a baboon! Argh!! You coward!! Onegaishimasu!! Dare ga suki? Haruka hazukashii!! Get away you hag!!


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