last minute study is always the best

Had Engineering Mathematics 1N exam paper yesterday noon.\r\nthe day before that 2 of my friends came over to my house, out of the sudden.\r\nwell, they came around 4 (they called me at 1 and told me they”ll be at my house an hour later) but started studying at 11pm…typical malaysian eh.\r\nthe lastest last minute study. lucky that a couple of the question that came out for the exam is very very the same as what we did for our practice …\r\noh yeah, started at 11pm, ended at 6.30 morning..\r\nanother 2 more papers to go.\r\nfivio has finally restored my files. Yeah the files I uploaded around 1gb. They give me 300mb extra space as a refund 🙂 So now I hav 1324mb of webspace to store.\r\nJust to let the math stress out, Im watching Tsukihime, FLCL, Gungrave just now.\r\nFLCL is c00l…especially the Terebi-kun :)\r\nLunar”s version for KgNe 07 is out..but no matter how Im waiting for Onigiri”s.\r\n[Listening to: Akaneiro ga Moeru Toki – Scoobie Do – Kaze no Koibito (05:29)]

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