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Haha, after reading Ichigo 100% , I didn”t know what else to do so I decided to read up on Pretty Face since alot of the people in the forum say it”s a great manga. I”ve read up to chapter 24 now since I started yesterday.\r\nThe story is not bad at all. It”s about this guy name Randoh who”s a really bad-ass guy. Every single person in his school hates him, including the teachers ofcourse. So one day, while he was in the bus, he met with an accident. Had a coma for a whole year and when he woke up, how does he look? He looks totally like a girl! It”s all because his face and body were all burnt up and the doctor didn”t know how he looks like and he did a surgery on Randoh *the doctor is kinda perverted* based on the picture that the doctor found on Randoh”s pants. The picture is actually Randoh”s crush…so the confusion starts there 🙂 Everyone thinks Randoh”s dead. Randoh”s parents moved to somewhere else and Randoh”s new look is just like Rina”s twin sister! So now Randoh has to pretend to be Rina”s twin sister; Yuna.\r\nLucky him..getting to be around with girls where ever he goes…although he might look like a girl to everyone, the only person who knows his identity is the doctor, still..down there he”s still a guy.. :P\r\nI still think Ichigo 100% is better though 😛 coz I like the drawing…its the same person who did Lilim Kiss!! KAwAii!!\r\nBtw, I went to Kinokuniya just now and bought a couple of mangas!!! Full Metal Panic volume 2 and Azumanga Daioh volume 2\r\ money is going to go to the drain just like that..lucky shit I didn”t buy Kare Kano volume 2 too…I”ll get that some where Popular maybe where it”s cheaper ^^


ichigo pantsu saikou!!

I spent my night reading Ichigo 100% from the beginning til the latest chapter which is 23..\nI dont read alot of mangas but when I do, I”ll totally love it! \nIchigo 100% which means 100% Strawberry in japanese is all about this 15 yo student named Manaka who mistakenly thought Tsukasa was the girl that dropped on him at the school rooftop. Little did he know that it was Toujo Aya coz the girl that dropped on him was really different looking from Aya who”s wearing glasses with pony tailed hair. Looks like a nerd, but when she take off her glasses and let her hair loose, she”s a completely different looking..\nSo this Manaka wants to become a director, and Aya”s really good in writing novels. They have something in common. The thing is, Manaka confessed to Tsukasa already. The dumb this is, Tsukasa accepts Manaka”s feeling.. >_<!–!\n\nGrr..! This manga is making me feel really jealous..damn stupid Manaka with his perverted the hell can he get those girls to be interested in him..\nthis is call manga..\nit''s not all high school love that''s good. The jokes inside are really funny!! Yeah, high schooler jokes..damn..i can''t remember how many times I laughed at my self for laughing.. -_-;;\nOh well..can''t wait for chapter 24 and the rest of it…\nI guess I''ll read Pretty Face now

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thefellowsheep is still up and working ? thats weird. I thought it was down. and now its back up again! isn”t that good ? \n*hopes the webhost company doesn”t notice it*\nim now using that place to store pictures. yup, just pictures. most of em are stored in the gallery\ncool uh.\ni”ve downloaded Utada Hikaru”s ”album” last night. It”s been awhile really since I last listen to Utada Hikaru”s songs. I know Colors has been out for along time already but this thing I downloaded is like 120MB for FOUR songs..yeah super duper loss-less high quality :)\nThere”re like the song Colors and Simple and Clean. Both of them are really great..\nThe search for free webhost is kinda over I think coz SikYi allows me to use some of his space to upload mangas 🙂

not much of it lately

Im kinda stuck with Ghost In The Shell right now. No, not the second season. I didn”t know that Ghost In The Shell is really good. I mean, from the animation, the soundtrack, opening clip, story line, they are all really good. Not your average anime I would say.\nNot that I have finished watching it. I”ve only watched up til episode 5 right now. My anime hours has decreased so much and it”s like I only watch animes once in a week! or when ever Im in a mood. Maybe watching too much of animes isn”t good for me ? Nah..I dont think so.\nAlot of animes end and new ones airing. Some of them might be good, some of them, not really my taste.\nThere are really so much of new animes that I really don”t have the urge to watch them. Im like, finish download what Im downloading right now before downloading a new serie..\nFor those who have freakin fast connection is not a problem.\nOne of the new animes that caught my eyes is Hikari to Mizu no Daphne and translated in english means? Daphne in the Brilliant Blue , well I thought its Daphne”s water of light? damn, my japanese sucks. where the heck did that word “Blue” comes from? There”s no Aoi in that title at all..bah..!\n\nnewaYz, i”ve invited xilmin to join aoi-hikari”s family and nee has made wonderful button for aoi-hikari. Thanks Nee! kimi wa sugoi! ^^;;

talk about uglyness….

Belive me, its really ugly. The character drawing, especially Sasuke. Oh yeah, yeah he”s been training for a month up in the montains with Kakashi, but I don”t see Sasuke as ugly as in ep 65 at the manga.\nIts not only him who”s very retarded in ep 65. Sakura, Gai sensei and Naruto all looked like retards. \nThe new ED theme, why does it have to suck so much ? I miss the first ED theme\nIm not a Naruto fanatics like everyone else is, so like who cares… :P\n\nIm downloading KAA”s Gatekeepers 21 OVA right now and waiting for Battle Royale 2 CD 1 to finish although CD 2 is already done, I still need to watch CD 1 first … -_-;;

Aragorn san!!

gahahahahhahahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,new layout!!!! nah!! actually i took this layout from\nlooks kinda cool so with no hesitation, this layout will be on my page, but not for long :�\nyes yes, my copy no jutsu is not that bad ! Haha..the master copier :�\ncurrently downloading Battle Royale 2 using shareaza. This will take like days to finish. The stupid thing is that the english sub is not in the video. No choice but to use virtualdub and stick that sub into the video myself.\ndeleted some unwatch animes yesterday to free up my already full hard disk. grappler baki I & II deleted and the old gundams. no more room for any new animes :(\nmy other domain, has been terminated a few days ago. lucky me aoi-hikari is still available 5-6 months more…gotta find a new webhost soon.\ngoing back on the 14th next month…….