Aragorn san!!

gahahahahhahahaha,,,,,,,,,,,,new layout!!!! nah!! actually i took this layout from\nlooks kinda cool so with no hesitation, this layout will be on my page, but not for long :�\nyes yes, my copy no jutsu is not that bad ! Haha..the master copier :�\ncurrently downloading Battle Royale 2 using shareaza. This will take like days to finish. The stupid thing is that the english sub is not in the video. No choice but to use virtualdub and stick that sub into the video myself.\ndeleted some unwatch animes yesterday to free up my already full hard disk. grappler baki I & II deleted and the old gundams. no more room for any new animes :(\nmy other domain, has been terminated a few days ago. lucky me aoi-hikari is still available 5-6 months more…gotta find a new webhost soon.\ngoing back on the 14th next month…….

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