talk about uglyness….

Belive me, its really ugly. The character drawing, especially Sasuke. Oh yeah, yeah he”s been training for a month up in the montains with Kakashi, but I don”t see Sasuke as ugly as in ep 65 at the manga.\nIts not only him who”s very retarded in ep 65. Sakura, Gai sensei and Naruto all looked like retards. \nThe new ED theme, why does it have to suck so much ? I miss the first ED theme\nIm not a Naruto fanatics like everyone else is, so like who cares… :P\n\nIm downloading KAA”s Gatekeepers 21 OVA right now and waiting for Battle Royale 2 CD 1 to finish although CD 2 is already done, I still need to watch CD 1 first … -_-;;


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