not much of it lately

Im kinda stuck with Ghost In The Shell right now. No, not the second season. I didn”t know that Ghost In The Shell is really good. I mean, from the animation, the soundtrack, opening clip, story line, they are all really good. Not your average anime I would say.\nNot that I have finished watching it. I”ve only watched up til episode 5 right now. My anime hours has decreased so much and it”s like I only watch animes once in a week! or when ever Im in a mood. Maybe watching too much of animes isn”t good for me ? Nah..I dont think so.\nAlot of animes end and new ones airing. Some of them might be good, some of them, not really my taste.\nThere are really so much of new animes that I really don”t have the urge to watch them. Im like, finish download what Im downloading right now before downloading a new serie..\nFor those who have freakin fast connection is not a problem.\nOne of the new animes that caught my eyes is Hikari to Mizu no Daphne and translated in english means? Daphne in the Brilliant Blue , well I thought its Daphne”s water of light? damn, my japanese sucks. where the heck did that word “Blue” comes from? There”s no Aoi in that title at all..bah..!\n\nnewaYz, i”ve invited xilmin to join aoi-hikari”s family and nee has made wonderful button for aoi-hikari. Thanks Nee! kimi wa sugoi! ^^;;

3 responses to “not much of it lately

  • SIkYI

    ahahah muneira and nadia definately going to gold cost .. and we going to tour around .. wahahahah .. go back and eat ur nasi lemak and i take control of ur powerpc, power speakers, figurines, counter strike, anime .. wahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahhaa

  • Hisyam

    leeeeeecherr… ksserr… dont touch my pc, dont enter my room1!!!

  • SIkYI

    hahaa ur’re gone ans stuff is mine mine mine mine wahahahaha =))=))=))(party)(party)(party)

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