thefellowsheep is still up and working ? thats weird. I thought it was down. and now its back up again! isn”t that good ? \n*hopes the webhost company doesn”t notice it*\nim now using that place to store pictures. yup, just pictures. most of em are stored in the gallery\ncool uh.\ni”ve downloaded Utada Hikaru”s ”album” last night. It”s been awhile really since I last listen to Utada Hikaru”s songs. I know Colors has been out for along time already but this thing I downloaded is like 120MB for FOUR songs..yeah super duper loss-less high quality :)\nThere”re like the song Colors and Simple and Clean. Both of them are really great..\nThe search for free webhost is kinda over I think coz SikYi allows me to use some of his space to upload mangas 🙂

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