ichigo pantsu saikou!!

I spent my night reading Ichigo 100% from the beginning til the latest chapter which is 23..\nI dont read alot of mangas but when I do, I”ll totally love it! \nIchigo 100% which means 100% Strawberry in japanese is all about this 15 yo student named Manaka who mistakenly thought Tsukasa was the girl that dropped on him at the school rooftop. Little did he know that it was Toujo Aya coz the girl that dropped on him was really different looking from Aya who”s wearing glasses with pony tailed hair. Looks like a nerd, but when she take off her glasses and let her hair loose, she”s a completely different looking..\nSo this Manaka wants to become a director, and Aya”s really good in writing novels. They have something in common. The thing is, Manaka confessed to Tsukasa already. The dumb this is, Tsukasa accepts Manaka”s feeling.. >_<!–!\n\nGrr..! This manga is making me feel really jealous..damn stupid Manaka with his perverted mind..how the hell can he get those girls to be interested in him..\nthis is call manga..\nit''s not all high school love that''s good. The jokes inside are really funny!! Yeah, high schooler jokes..damn..i can''t remember how many times I laughed at my self for laughing.. -_-;;\nOh well..can''t wait for chapter 24 and the rest of it…\nI guess I''ll read Pretty Face now


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