Haha, after reading Ichigo 100% , I didn”t know what else to do so I decided to read up on Pretty Face since alot of the people in the forum say it”s a great manga. I”ve read up to chapter 24 now since I started yesterday.\r\nThe story is not bad at all. It”s about this guy name Randoh who”s a really bad-ass guy. Every single person in his school hates him, including the teachers ofcourse. So one day, while he was in the bus, he met with an accident. Had a coma for a whole year and when he woke up, how does he look? He looks totally like a girl! It”s all because his face and body were all burnt up and the doctor didn”t know how he looks like and he did a surgery on Randoh *the doctor is kinda perverted* based on the picture that the doctor found on Randoh”s pants. The picture is actually Randoh”s crush…so the confusion starts there 🙂 Everyone thinks Randoh”s dead. Randoh”s parents moved to somewhere else and Randoh”s new look is just like Rina”s twin sister! So now Randoh has to pretend to be Rina”s twin sister; Yuna.\r\nLucky him..getting to be around with girls where ever he goes…although he might look like a girl to everyone, the only person who knows his identity is the doctor, still..down there he”s still a guy.. :P\r\nI still think Ichigo 100% is better though 😛 coz I like the drawing…its the same person who did Lilim Kiss!! KAwAii!!\r\nBtw, I went to Kinokuniya just now and bought a couple of mangas!!! Full Metal Panic volume 2 and Azumanga Daioh volume 2\r\nDamn..my money is going to go to the drain just like that..lucky shit I didn”t buy Kare Kano volume 2 too…I”ll get that some where else..in Popular maybe where it”s cheaper ^^

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