Monthly Archives: February 2004

random thoughts

was i that crazy to have slept at 10pm and woke up at 1.30 morning just after getting a call from malaysia?\nam i that attached to that girl?\ni dont want to and if i could, i don”t even want to think about it.\n\nas usual lah. outting with my only friends. \n\n \n\ncome to think of it. this really sucks.\noh yeah, i met merlina yesterday. she”s working in a hyatt hotel restaurant for more than a month now. wow, a japanese restaurant some more. \n\nwhy is it that more and more people that i know now have something to do with this japanese things? it this a bad omen or a curse to me eh? why? why?\n\n*note to self – dont do anything stupid once the classes start. please!!



\r\nw00tz!! Incubus Megalomaniac SINGLE !!!! I 0wN it!!\r\nyeah i have the album too. i”ll get the other albums later. super duper cun music store in rundle mall. they have all of incubus”s albums!\r\ni just completed enrolling my course. 2 free days. wednesday and friday!\r\nthe cool thing is, there are no practicals!!! w00tz!!\r\nstill havent paid the fees and visa yet.\r\ngotta search for the books later too\r\nno more enjoying this year. i think.\r\n-edit-\r\ngile ah!!! ants attack!!! our kitchen has been invaded by ANTS!!!! damn it!! and this iced coffee is giving me a stomachache!! shssishsishh!!!

ikut kawan aje

so i got my COE already yesterday morning. but before i manage to get my visa, there was this lady that kinda pissed..she was looking for something and was talking to herself? and i pressed the bell. she said “cant u look that im right infront of u, thats rude”\r\nwhat the hellllllll………………she was looking to another place and talking to herself and how am i suppose to know that she”s the one incharge.\r\nhaih bodo siut orang australia nih..memang hampeh, no sense of humour langsung pada waktu pagi..haks haskz\r\nafter that jumpa eugene and david, follow they all for lunch and after that just follow they all playing snooker. i just sat at the corner just looking at them playing. malas nak join main snooker..sakit hidung.haha\r\nlepas tu pulak pegi ikut naik kereta david pegi shopping kat mana ntah for house stuff. i bought a light bulb and a hanger..hahahakz,,,,kereta david modified gile babeng..siap ada dvd player + lcd screen kat dalam kereta, bucket seat, turbo lagi..haiya..ini orang hong kong judi banyak oOoo..dapat duit pun banyak….\r\nsampai rumah eugene/sikyi/david/kenneth kitorang main ps2…..gile tak ingat sampai pagi..unlocked all of the naruto ps2 game characters. cun gile. n then tgk scary movie 3 with nabil. citer buduh hampeh bangang giler.\r\nweather still hot.. 29 degree celcius, burning summer. nasib bawak sunglass ni, ada la protect the heatray for 1% kot..\r\npapehal pun kena bayar rent rumah for this month. the tenant still hasn”t called.\r\nand visa pun tak siap lagi, kena apply baru. \r\ntomorrow is friday, wah wah friday prayers at adelaide again..hahaha\r\nnext week is nothing..what to do ? i hope i can settle everything b4 1st of March.

okashii na kanji

what do you do when you found out that the girl u actually like since u were three years ago likes u too all this while 3 years ago?\r\nwhat do you do when you found out about this when you are studying abroad and she”s way back at malaysia?\r\nHm….actually its 4 years ago. is it too late?\r\nisn”t life wonderful?\r\nyou can”t expect the unexpected to happens but now it does.\r\nanywayz\r\ni wont be going out anywhere today. woke up late, around 11.30 morning? what a waste.\r\ni”ll be going to the city tomorrow. hope they can get my COE ready and then i have to get my visa done too.

2nd day

…this is the second day. weather still hot with a constant of 34 degree celcius max? yesterday and today.\ncan”t sleep yesterday. it was really stuffy and hot. lucky nabil, eventhough his room doesn”t have a fan, he can still get the fresh air from outside coz he can open his window. mine can”t coz its stupid :P\ni thought of sleeping early yesterday so i can get up early. slept at 1 am, woke up at 3am. my stomach can”t stop singing. drank cold water. sleep again.\n\nk..i reached the city at 8am. wanting to be one of the first to arrive for the orrientation. all the offices there opens at 9 am. hampeh, stomach still empty.\nround and round the city and waited in front of 100 north terrace for my offer letter. submitted it and they told that the COE letter will be done by this wednesday. and they said that i still have to attend for the orientation.\n\nso i went to the enrollment room and when it was my turn, the people there said that i dont have to get into all this orrientation thing stuff. what a dope.\naustralians are so confusing. they like to do that dont they.\noh well, im gonna go to mawson lakes tomorrow and sell some of my books hopefully. hm..or should i wait for my COE before i sell the books?\n\nmoney put in bank……done\npay the fees……not yet\nvisa……not yet\ngroceries…..somehow done

its getting so freaking hot in here

so im back at adelaide and is so freaking hot. i feel really dizzy.\r\nthree months of holiday and what did i do? done some stuff..but still i havent done alot when i was suppose to like paying 200 bucks to my friend and taking up japanese class. will i ever do those things?\r\norientation week begins tomorrow. first thing first. i gotta go to the international office and pay up the fees. after that settle the visa and then put my money in the bank.\r\noh yeah, the books..gotta sell the books and buy new ones. and groceries…dang\r\neven thinking about this makes my head aches…\r\nso no more astro and no more good food in malaysia.\r\nleft my anime cds and dvds in malaysia. dont want those things to distract me anymore. gotta study study study…\r\ndamn currency its THREE times smaller than australia”s\r\n

a crow left of the murder

\r\nmuahahahaha!!! i got my hand on incubus”s latest album today!!\r\nalot of good songs in here..\r\nmegalomaniac ofcourse\r\na crow left of the murder and other songs laa\r\nthis album is different from their previous one; morning view..its more hard, more rock.. :P\r\ndont know how to describe them but its really good overall\r\nbut no poster.. :(\r\nwhy they never give incubus poster wan!!\r\ni thought i couldn”t find this album coz i went to look at tower records, nope, speedy videos, nope…and last just when i thought the album can”t be bought here..i found it at SaleM cool planet shop (^_^)\r\nyay yay!! the LAST TWO CDS of incubus”s latest album in that store.. i bought them both :P\r\ngive another one to my friend..muahahahahaha’