its like reading a book

Well, it”s february..roughly 2 more weeks to go before i leave malaysia and miss mariah carrey and incubus concert (-_-””) Don”t you just hate that when your favourite band is coming to your hometown and you cant go because of something stupid ?\r\nincubus won”t be coming to adelaide thats for sure.\r\nfebruary, site is back up. domain was down because of exceeding the bandwidth. first time that ever happened. 4 blog sites, 2 forums and a shrine under aoi-hikari all went down. gome nasai ne…i thought 10 gb a month was enough. you can never have enough of anything, really.\r\ni dont know which manga to read right now coz im really waiting for the next chapter of Ichigo 100% and Pretty Face to come out. I”ve been playing Ragnarok Online and Gunbound lately. I just bought a Claymore, it”s suppose to be the most powerful 2 handed sword? but my modified glaive and bastard sword strength are both quite the same at that claymore (-_-;;) wasted my money on that thing and the steel.\r\nhongfire network has been releasing good stuff rite now. mostly their game and anime cgs. i”ve got their chobits fanbox2 and gunslinger girl desktop accessory.\r\nim downloading chobits fanbox1 as i type. 2 games that i”ve been downloading for like days/weeks have finally finished. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien DVD game and Kana Imouto.\r\nI”ve started playing the latter coz it”s already translated in english and KGNE DVD isn”t (>_<) . I know that game is quite old. Basically it”s a text based game. Just read… if you”re can choose what stuff you wanna do and then u start reading again.\r\nIt”s about this guy name Taka who really loves his sister, Kana. He was a little brat back then while Kana suffered from a kidney problem. An awkward incident changed Taka”s behaviour and now he protects Kana with everything he”s got. Haven”t finished that game yet. Reading alot kinda bores me, I think.\r\nNow if only there are more english translated anime games =/\r\n120 gb hard disk is getting full again. some stuff will be dumped to 80 gb hard disk. dvd-r”s aren”t getting much cheaper. Hm…maybe that blue laser dvd will make the regular dvd-r cheap.\r\nbtw…the school sucks layout im using looks really shitty in Mozilla..


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