why?!!!!! i wanna go there too!

I just had a call…….from this someone I know from my high school. She called..and strangely enough that I answered the phone…I rarely do if the number isn”t in my list.\r\nI asked who”s this ? and she answered..it”s me!! \r\noh hell i think i remember this voice\r\nand she told her name..and I was like..wth!! \r\nman i thought she had forgotten about me..well i kinda wish she did though\r\nbut at the same time im glad that she didn”t.. oh man..the irony (>_< ””)\r\nthen just now, she started to sending me smses …\r\nand suddenly she sent a msg about her being in nagoya, japan last year ..staying there with her foster parents…\r\nafter reading that i was like……..\r\nDAMN J00\r\ni felt my like my heart was stabbed or something.. tsk tsk\r\ndamn..another lucky girl…jeezz!\r\ndah..after that she called me again…dang!\r\nwah! she was so enjoying herself telling me what she ate..miso soup, tenpura, and other stuff…and her being with little kids..wat were their names? ichiko and ryouma ? uh ? \r\nand and……she wore a kimono……\r\nkuso!\r\nurayamashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii\r\noh my..u know\r\nshe”s the one that get me started with this japanese culture thinggy \r\noh well…life sucks\r\ni hope i can forget this when i play futsal tomorrow..


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