a crow left of the murder

\r\nmuahahahaha!!! i got my hand on incubus”s latest album today!!\r\nalot of good songs in here..\r\nmegalomaniac ofcourse\r\na crow left of the murder and other songs laa\r\nthis album is different from their previous one; morning view..its more hard, more rock.. :P\r\ndont know how to describe them but its really good overall\r\nbut no poster.. :(\r\nwhy they never give incubus poster wan!!\r\ni thought i couldn”t find this album coz i went to look at tower records, nope, speedy videos, nope…and last just when i thought the album can”t be bought here..i found it at SaleM cool planet shop (^_^)\r\nyay yay!! the LAST TWO CDS of incubus”s latest album in that store.. i bought them both :P\r\ngive another one to my friend..muahahahahaha’


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