its getting so freaking hot in here

so im back at adelaide and is so freaking hot. i feel really dizzy.\r\nthree months of holiday and what did i do? done some stuff..but still i havent done alot when i was suppose to like paying 200 bucks to my friend and taking up japanese class. will i ever do those things?\r\norientation week begins tomorrow. first thing first. i gotta go to the international office and pay up the fees. after that settle the visa and then put my money in the bank.\r\noh yeah, the books..gotta sell the books and buy new ones. and groceries…dang\r\neven thinking about this makes my head aches…\r\nso no more astro and no more good food in malaysia.\r\nleft my anime cds and dvds in malaysia. dont want those things to distract me anymore. gotta study study study…\r\ndamn currency its THREE times smaller than australia”s\r\n


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