2nd day

…this is the second day. weather still hot with a constant of 34 degree celcius max? yesterday and today.\ncan”t sleep yesterday. it was really stuffy and hot. lucky nabil, eventhough his room doesn”t have a fan, he can still get the fresh air from outside coz he can open his window. mine can”t coz its stupid :P\ni thought of sleeping early yesterday so i can get up early. slept at 1 am, woke up at 3am. my stomach can”t stop singing. drank cold water. sleep again.\n\nk..i reached the city at 8am. wanting to be one of the first to arrive for the orrientation. all the offices there opens at 9 am. hampeh, stomach still empty.\nround and round the city and waited in front of 100 north terrace for my offer letter. submitted it and they told that the COE letter will be done by this wednesday. and they said that i still have to attend for the orientation.\n\nso i went to the enrollment room and when it was my turn, the people there said that i dont have to get into all this orrientation thing stuff. what a dope.\naustralians are so confusing. they like to do that dont they.\noh well, im gonna go to mawson lakes tomorrow and sell some of my books hopefully. hm..or should i wait for my COE before i sell the books?\n\nmoney put in bank……done\npay the fees……not yet\nvisa……not yet\ngroceries…..somehow done


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