ikut kawan aje

so i got my COE already yesterday morning. but before i manage to get my visa, there was this lady that kinda pissed..she was looking for something and was talking to herself? and i pressed the bell. she said “cant u look that im right infront of u, thats rude”\r\nwhat the hellllllll………………she was looking to another place and talking to herself and how am i suppose to know that she”s the one incharge.\r\nhaih bodo siut orang australia nih..memang hampeh, no sense of humour langsung pada waktu pagi..haks haskz\r\nafter that jumpa eugene and david, follow they all for lunch and after that just follow they all playing snooker. i just sat at the corner just looking at them playing. malas nak join main snooker..sakit hidung.haha\r\nlepas tu pulak pegi ikut naik kereta david pegi shopping kat mana ntah for house stuff. i bought a light bulb and a hanger..hahahakz,,,,kereta david modified gile babeng..siap ada dvd player + lcd screen kat dalam kereta, bucket seat, turbo lagi..haiya..ini orang hong kong judi banyak oOoo..dapat duit pun banyak….\r\nsampai rumah eugene/sikyi/david/kenneth kitorang main ps2…..gile tak ingat sampai pagi..unlocked all of the naruto ps2 game characters. cun gile. n then tgk scary movie 3 with nabil. citer buduh hampeh bangang giler.\r\nweather still hot.. 29 degree celcius, burning summer. nasib bawak sunglass ni, ada la protect the heatray for 1% kot..\r\npapehal pun kena bayar rent rumah for this month. the tenant still hasn”t called.\r\nand visa pun tak siap lagi, kena apply baru. \r\ntomorrow is friday, wah wah friday prayers at adelaide again..hahaha\r\nnext week is nothing..what to do ? i hope i can settle everything b4 1st of March.

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