\r\nw00tz!! Incubus Megalomaniac SINGLE !!!! I 0wN it!!\r\nyeah i have the album too. i”ll get the other albums later. super duper cun music store in rundle mall. they have all of incubus”s albums!\r\ni just completed enrolling my course. 2 free days. wednesday and friday!\r\nthe cool thing is, there are no practicals!!! w00tz!!\r\nstill havent paid the fees and visa yet.\r\ngotta search for the books later too\r\nno more enjoying this year. i think.\r\n-edit-\r\ngile ah!!! ants attack!!! our kitchen has been invaded by ANTS!!!! damn it!! and this iced coffee is giving me a stomachache!! shssishsishh!!!

3 responses to “megalomaniax

  • Keen

    well, I reckon de_dust and de_cobble were the only good maps you’re gonna find on CS Source, that is until cs_assault comes out. Even then that map is suspect. But hey, at least you’re getting some gaming done. Shame about the lack of CSS servers by the local ISPs.

  • Ashril

    Heh, I thought CascadingSS. CounterStrike rupanya. Guess I gotta go find my CSS tutorials elsewhere.

    By the way, cool blog design you got here. The interface is totally fly, dude!

  • SIkYI

    haha kesian …

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