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V I C T O R I A !!

\r\n\r\nWho would”ve thought that me and nabil actually went to the incubus concert in melbourne! that”s like 700-800 km from where i am right now! My friend drove the van there and took aroun 8-9 hours to reach there.\r\nSpent 3 days 2 nights there. When we first arrived melbourne, we were like… WTH! gile the builiding semua tinggi gila! It”s like where ever you turn, there are builiding lights even at mid night. a heck more than in kl. adelaide tu tak yah nak citer la. \r\nTime nak pegi melbourne memang troublesome. memula, the car rental company didn”t let me be the second driver coz im under 21. pastu last minute ada 2 girls follow pulak. and i left my jacket and belt kat rumah. cuaca sana sejuk gile ah jugak, nasib dapat tahan sikit..pakai baju 2 lapis je la. \r\nto me la, melbourne is not all that great coz their trams system is really making that narrow crowded place even more sempit. people there aren”t friendly, when me, sikyi, eugene and nabil were waiting for a taxi at 3 in the morning…panjang gile que, dah la sejuk gile, hampir frostbite…haha\r\nthe people there macam gila gila nak tahan taxi tuh…ada tu nasib tak kena langgar. memang mad cow disease betul eh.\r\nthe city, memang ah cun, besar gile the city, damn alot of shops! i bought the quiksilver belt and jumpers nike harga 50 bux…cun cun\r\nspent alot on arcades jugak…gile siut..arcade banyak but semua game sama je..hampeh je la\r\nada sekali tu makan kat restoran indonesia..sedap tuh…indonesian padang minang ke ape ntah nama kedai tu, another indonesian restaurant is called nelayan, tapi tak pegi sana pulak.. oh yeah, ada pegi masuk satu tempat kat city tuh, tgk ramai malaysians main foosball kat sana, there were even 2 girls playing and they were good..\r\nso me and nabil macam bagus la try nak tunjuk skill adelaide kat sana. tetiba ada this guy masuk, partner with the girl..pergh hebat gile..takut jugak nampak diorg blasah org lain so bila our turn pulak, slamber ah main, ada tu tied at 4-4, last last kalah gak 4-5..hampeh tul..nearly malukan diorg hahahah, all the 4 goals i scored..banyak yg nasib je la


A Day 2 Remember in EPL History

Man City 4-1 Man Utd: FT Report\r\n\r\n\r\n

Indoor Soccer Day

Venue – UniSA Magil Sport Centre\r\nDate – 13th March 2004\r\nTime – 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm\r\nPlayers – Rasyid (GK/DF), Herdiman(DF/ST), Hisyam(DF/MD), Nabil(MD/ST), Eugene(ST/MD)\r\nExtras – Muneira, Merlina\r\n \r\nThe first three matches we lost because the team wasn”t that organized but after the last three matches, we won three times in a row. That was the first time for us to win that many. The backline defence has become more organized and are familiar with the style of play. The keeper made some important saves.\r\nEugene scored four goals. Should be the team”s top scorer for sure.\r\nThat night we went to the Adelaide Convention Centre. There was an free open orchestra. It was full/packed ! Especially the locals, they brought along their chairs and even beanbags !! More like a picnic uh…at the end of that orchestra..fireworks….only a few metres away from where we were.

Adelaide Fest?

Almost late for my Accounting tutorial today. It”s still okay coz the first hour was just about discussing with my group member and the tutor will only come on the second hour. i don”t have my Accounting book with me right now but hopefully i will get it from rasyid tomorrow. after that i had law lecture. it was so crazy coz the study notes were so simple but that lecturer elaborate the law thinggy so long. i couldn”t write most of the things he said.\r\nafter that lecture im always hungry. so me and ken went to knoodle. ate rice with beef rendang, curry chicken and sesame chiken. the rice was sikit la..hampeh betul although i”ve ordered large. \r\npastu pastu ada class lagi tauuuu…..from 5 to 7pm ! it was kinda fun talking with one german lady and a local…discussed about cultural thing. the tutor for my course tu gempak gile..damn tall! and his skin macam ada penyakit la..tapi ada pangkat PhD…gempak gempak…he was saying all about culture and how culture is really within us. talking talking talking until he even got do we..hahaha..\r\nat first our group had 3 including me..pastu ada new students taking up the tutor class…now our group hav 5 peps..\r\npastu kan……me, nabil, sikyi, eugene, rasyid and muneira pegi to adelaide fringe..bole bole la…at first we thought the first place we went was the SARKIS..but actually the sarkis is on the other side..we all pun pegi la masuk in the tent..slamber masuk, takde sape check…tiket tak bayar..haha pakai blasah jer..check check kena book dulu kalau nak masuk and see the performances..gile ah..$32 tuuuuuuuu \r\nafter that we were all abit dissapointed la..what to do..we went back to the other side. ada ternampak another street performer baru nak start we all decided to stay and lepak lepak ..\r\ngempak jugak ah dia orang tu..we watched their show from the beginning til the was the first time for us to do that..and we even give them money! how weird..ahakz\r\nthey”re called ”buzz” . 3 guys, 1 is the maestro = musician, playing keyboard, 1 is the rapscallion, doing all the breakdance/rap song another 1 is mr. spin, juggler, doing alot of tricks…cun cun…and very the funny!!\r\nnewayz..this site is under the new host/server .. THREE GIGABYTES of webspace and 100 GIGABYTES of monthly bandwidth..thanks to echelonwebhosting again..\r\nother subdomains like , and are still not accessable =/ weird..

the beginning has just ended

the second week of uni starts. this is where all the things get to start serious. some tutorial questions and case study have to be handed this week. i”ll be getting a few books from muniera and merlina later tonight. so that means i”ll only have 1 more course text book that i need to buy. that is…accounting.\r\nlast week all the classes went pretty well, except for last tuesday morning, where i was suppose to have Law tutorial but in the end, the lecturer didn”t come. So I got back to home like what im doing right now and wait until 5pm for my next class.. (-_-;;)\r\n*yawn* ngantukz…dah la pagi tadi hujan best gile…pagi pagi ada class..nasib aku dah berazam takmo ponteng any class for this semester. nasib ah nabil pun ada class time tu jugak..nyahahaha..\r\nkat malaysia pun same gak ah hujan kan..\r\nhm…last saturday main bola dengan member2 kat adelaide. main kat magill campus. the sport centre is much better than mawson lake. it was a great game, nak bayar untuk sewa that place pun murah…20 bucks for 1 hour. we played for 2 hours lah.\r\n \r\n\r\nnot much to say actually, hmm my paypal has been set up. to those who wants to send me money, please do so. (^^)\r\nand i just bought another extra 3gb webspace with 100gb/month bandwidth from echelonwebhost


after a LOOOONG three months of holiday, finally im back to the uni. different campus, different lecturers, different courses, different people.\r\nalot of stuff happened during the 5-7 days of when aoi-hikari was down. i can”t remember much but i”ll just recap on what i can remember.\r\nDream\r\n- accidently napped at nabil”s bed, dreamed of nabil and his girlfriend running away from something. I was there helping him running away. The place…the ”future”. At that time nabil had no girlfriend yet. nabil told me that i was lying at his bed for around 10-20 minutes. Nice dream uh.\r\n- the next day or so, its nabil again, haunting my dreams. at first, me and my family was in this jungle, must be some kind of a recreational jungle coz i saw alot of people in there. suddenly my sister was taken away from an evil sea..yeah there”s even a beach near the jungle..what the hell? that didn”t make sense at all. everyone went berserk. the sea went wild. the sky was dark. soon after that my small brother went missing. \r\nwhen i was busy searching for them, yet again, nabil appears in my dream. this time the dream was abit like the movie “the ring”. u know when u got a ring and the person will say “YOU WILL DIE AFTER SEVEN DAYS”, but the thing is, the guy called my handphone and a picture of that evil guy appeared, just like in the tv..but that guy wants nabil!..we were in a car..heading to eugene and sik yi”s place. why? because the town was already turning like racoon city ( resident evil ). \r\n- yesterday”s dream is even better. i was with this guy. i dont know who he is but somehow i get into trouble. i tried to run away, but guess what…the chair that i sit suddenly fly..up to the sky…i was menggelabah, get down from the chair while im still in mid air. the chair fell at that guys head. that guy went unconcious for awhile..and i think i fell at that guy”s head also.. hmmm.\r\nso we were both lying..suffering..trying to stay alive..a car is gonna hit us..both of us managed to get away from the car”s path..and after that what do u know..another car in another direction is still trying to hit us. i told him..”it”s useless, you can”t run away from fate. this is the end” and he fell for it. i didnt give up and still fighting my life..that other guy is now dead.. (-_-;;) came out a girl..she looked sweet. i got nervous…what should i do ? and the girl took out a knife…..slicing the dead body into thin layers… OMG ! gruesome! \r\n\r\nTHE END!!