after a LOOOONG three months of holiday, finally im back to the uni. different campus, different lecturers, different courses, different people.\r\nalot of stuff happened during the 5-7 days of when aoi-hikari was down. i can”t remember much but i”ll just recap on what i can remember.\r\nDream\r\n- accidently napped at nabil”s bed, dreamed of nabil and his girlfriend running away from something. I was there helping him running away. The place…the ”future”. At that time nabil had no girlfriend yet. nabil told me that i was lying at his bed for around 10-20 minutes. Nice dream uh.\r\n- the next day or so, its nabil again, haunting my dreams. at first, me and my family was in this jungle, must be some kind of a recreational jungle coz i saw alot of people in there. suddenly my sister was taken away from an evil sea..yeah there”s even a beach near the jungle..what the hell? that didn”t make sense at all. everyone went berserk. the sea went wild. the sky was dark. soon after that my small brother went missing. \r\nwhen i was busy searching for them, yet again, nabil appears in my dream. this time the dream was abit like the movie “the ring”. u know when u got a ring and the person will say “YOU WILL DIE AFTER SEVEN DAYS”, but the thing is, the guy called my handphone and a picture of that evil guy appeared, just like in the tv..but that guy wants nabil!..we were in a car..heading to eugene and sik yi”s place. why? because the town was already turning like racoon city ( resident evil ). \r\n- yesterday”s dream is even better. i was with this guy. i dont know who he is but somehow i get into trouble. i tried to run away, but guess what…the chair that i sit suddenly fly..up to the sky…i was menggelabah, get down from the chair while im still in mid air. the chair fell at that guys head. that guy went unconcious for awhile..and i think i fell at that guy”s head also.. hmmm.\r\nso we were both lying..suffering..trying to stay alive..a car is gonna hit us..both of us managed to get away from the car”s path..and after that what do u know..another car in another direction is still trying to hit us. i told him..”it”s useless, you can”t run away from fate. this is the end” and he fell for it. i didnt give up and still fighting my life..that other guy is now dead.. (-_-;;) came out a girl..she looked sweet. i got nervous…what should i do ? and the girl took out a knife…..slicing the dead body into thin layers… OMG ! gruesome! \r\n\r\nTHE END!!


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