the beginning has just ended

the second week of uni starts. this is where all the things get to start serious. some tutorial questions and case study have to be handed this week. i”ll be getting a few books from muniera and merlina later tonight. so that means i”ll only have 1 more course text book that i need to buy. that is…accounting.\r\nlast week all the classes went pretty well, except for last tuesday morning, where i was suppose to have Law tutorial but in the end, the lecturer didn”t come. So I got back to home like what im doing right now and wait until 5pm for my next class.. (-_-;;)\r\n*yawn* ngantukz…dah la pagi tadi hujan best gile…pagi pagi ada class..nasib aku dah berazam takmo ponteng any class for this semester. nasib ah nabil pun ada class time tu jugak..nyahahaha..\r\nkat malaysia pun same gak ah hujan kan..\r\nhm…last saturday main bola dengan member2 kat adelaide. main kat magill campus. the sport centre is much better than mawson lake. it was a great game, nak bayar untuk sewa that place pun murah…20 bucks for 1 hour. we played for 2 hours lah.\r\n \r\n\r\nnot much to say actually, hmm my paypal has been set up. to those who wants to send me money, please do so. (^^)\r\nand i just bought another extra 3gb webspace with 100gb/month bandwidth from echelonwebhost

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