Adelaide Fest?

Almost late for my Accounting tutorial today. It”s still okay coz the first hour was just about discussing with my group member and the tutor will only come on the second hour. i don”t have my Accounting book with me right now but hopefully i will get it from rasyid tomorrow. after that i had law lecture. it was so crazy coz the study notes were so simple but that lecturer elaborate the law thinggy so long. i couldn”t write most of the things he said.\r\nafter that lecture im always hungry. so me and ken went to knoodle. ate rice with beef rendang, curry chicken and sesame chiken. the rice was sikit la..hampeh betul although i”ve ordered large. \r\npastu pastu ada class lagi tauuuu…..from 5 to 7pm ! it was kinda fun talking with one german lady and a local…discussed about cultural thing. the tutor for my course tu gempak gile..damn tall! and his skin macam ada penyakit la..tapi ada pangkat PhD…gempak gempak…he was saying all about culture and how culture is really within us. talking talking talking until he even got do we..hahaha..\r\nat first our group had 3 including me..pastu ada new students taking up the tutor class…now our group hav 5 peps..\r\npastu kan……me, nabil, sikyi, eugene, rasyid and muneira pegi to adelaide fringe..bole bole la…at first we thought the first place we went was the SARKIS..but actually the sarkis is on the other side..we all pun pegi la masuk in the tent..slamber masuk, takde sape check…tiket tak bayar..haha pakai blasah jer..check check kena book dulu kalau nak masuk and see the performances..gile ah..$32 tuuuuuuuu \r\nafter that we were all abit dissapointed la..what to do..we went back to the other side. ada ternampak another street performer baru nak start we all decided to stay and lepak lepak ..\r\ngempak jugak ah dia orang tu..we watched their show from the beginning til the was the first time for us to do that..and we even give them money! how weird..ahakz\r\nthey”re called ”buzz” . 3 guys, 1 is the maestro = musician, playing keyboard, 1 is the rapscallion, doing all the breakdance/rap song another 1 is mr. spin, juggler, doing alot of tricks…cun cun…and very the funny!!\r\nnewayz..this site is under the new host/server .. THREE GIGABYTES of webspace and 100 GIGABYTES of monthly bandwidth..thanks to echelonwebhosting again..\r\nother subdomains like , and are still not accessable =/ weird..


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