Indoor Soccer Day

Venue – UniSA Magil Sport Centre\r\nDate – 13th March 2004\r\nTime – 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm\r\nPlayers – Rasyid (GK/DF), Herdiman(DF/ST), Hisyam(DF/MD), Nabil(MD/ST), Eugene(ST/MD)\r\nExtras – Muneira, Merlina\r\n \r\nThe first three matches we lost because the team wasn”t that organized but after the last three matches, we won three times in a row. That was the first time for us to win that many. The backline defence has become more organized and are familiar with the style of play. The keeper made some important saves.\r\nEugene scored four goals. Should be the team”s top scorer for sure.\r\nThat night we went to the Adelaide Convention Centre. There was an free open orchestra. It was full/packed ! Especially the locals, they brought along their chairs and even beanbags !! More like a picnic uh…at the end of that orchestra..fireworks….only a few metres away from where we were.

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