Monthly Archives: April 2004

not again

so she said that she knows everything and doesn”t need to ask me in order for her to know. what? so u”re a mind reader uh?\r\ni”ve tried to be honest, i”ve told her everything that i want but no, she”s just being herself which is selfish. when i asked “what part of me that u like” she won”t answer. and she never will.\r\nyeah she remembers *everything* and *pays attention* i don”t need all that, all i ask is for her to ask me stuff, is that so hard to do?\r\nthe things that she says are really really confusing. she told me that she”s leaving so i said bye but actually she”s not.\r\nshe told me like not having a bf right now but she said that she”s not gonna leave me.\r\nwtf ? even einstein cant explain what the hell she”s thinking.\r\nc r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y. c r a z y.\r\nhow the fuck does she know how i feel when she never ask?\r\nsome girls never learn and never will. go to hell. i was wrong about everything. the girl im looking for won”t be found in 10 more years.


should i just let it be?

she was all happy when she called at first but i ruined everything. were all that my fault? i dont really thing so..\r\ni dont know, i really dont know, why must she mention about that barney the fugly dino? she likes barney? like W T F?!! barney that gay ass retard?!! who the fcuk man..apparantly she said that her other friends like barney too? she has over 30cds of barney?? !!\r\nwell okay, she likes barney. so why should i care?\r\nmeh, what ever, i cant stop her interest eh\r\nseriouslyyyyyyyyyyy she was soooooooooooooo damnnnnnnnnnn happyyyyyyyyyy and i”ve ruined her day. and mine too\r\ni really really can”t understand her feelings, she doesnt understand mine.\r\nwhy the hell are we together? for farkZ?\r\nshit ass damn…\r\nreally i cant see both of us going anywhere together\r\ni”ve never been together with a girl more than 4 months…its only 1+ month and we”re like this\r\nand i”ve spent alot on her.\r\ndamn damn?\r\nim so useless. didnt i tell myself that girls are just a pain in the ass?

Aoi-Hikari Merge

http://www.Aoi-Hikari.Net/\r\n\r\nthe forum that i”ve been working since last year is going to merge with other 2 sites which are Anime Block and AnimeLinkZ. this idea came from DoA-Guy the admin from animeblock and i sort of like accepted it, not 100% accepting it ofcourse.\r\nAoi-Hikari, my first succesful forum which surpass 30 thousand posts. cost me alot of money and time. i was really happy that the forum grows so much over this few months. alot of people helped.\r\nAoi-Hikari started as a manga download site. using the pafileDB script, i hosted hikaru no go manga and a couple of anime for free. like anyone can just download from that site with out doing anything else. after that, the site changed and became a forum that used phpNuke. there were few active members at that time. i wasn”t really hoping that much. i hated phpnuke because of the lack functionality compared to invision board. the hacks/mods are so troublesome to installed and buggy. phpbb sucks.\r\nLater, i decided to use invision power board. importing all the members and posts from phpbb forum to the new board. the importer script wasn”t that easy to find tho. so yeah, im really happy to manage a forum that uses invisionboard.\r\ninstalled the download mod to the new board. more and more people coming. Leechers were alot so i elected a few mods and changed the permission to let only active members download.\r\ninstalled the rpg mod and the board becomes popular. everyone loves to play with the rpg thinggy.\r\nwhen the board was small i posted like crazy. now the board is big, i become crazy and post less.\r\nsome of the members rejected the merge, some of them were worried, well im worried too but to let the community to grow, we”ll have to take the risk and sacrifice for the better future dont we?\r\nwell..the merge will be known as\r\nwe”ve ordered for a dedicated pentium 4 server. \r\n10 mbps dedicated line\r\n120 gb hard disk space\r\n1024 mb ram\r\nserver cost.. T_T so damn expensive.\r\n\r\nwell, i look forward for the new site and hope for the best.

Simply the BEST!

\r\n”THE” PLACE\r\n\r\n”THE” PASSPORT\r\n\r\n”THE” OFFICIAL INCUBUS SHIRT THAT COSTS AUD 45 !!\r\n\r\nhaha, this is really late, was suppose to publish this like 3 weeks ago but who cares.\r\njust wanna say that this is the greatest concert i”ve ever been. the first concert i”ve been, hahaha. me and nabil waited for the main gate to open. reached there around 6-6.30 pm? the weather was damn cold and i didnt bring my jacket. left it at the van, forgotten about it. first performance act was modular lounge or something. girl *rock* band from australia i i think. buduh gile memang tak best. almost asleep when they played their songs. so after one hour, at last incubus baru keluar. they played alot of songs tuh..\r\nmegalomaniac, drive, pardon me, vitamin, are you in, dan banyak banyak la lagi aku pun dah lupa. it”s really worth the money. but then, it was in melbourne, thats the only stupid thing. it it was in adelaide, it”ll be much better.

Bad Day!

Had a bad day again\r\nShe said I would not understand\r\nShe left a note and said “I”m sorry, I had a bad day again.\r\nShe spilled her coffee, broke her shoelace.\r\nSmeared the lipstick on her face.\r\nSlammed the door and said “I”m sorry, I had a bad day again.”\r\nAnd she swears there”s nothing wrong\r\nI hear her playing that same old song\r\nShe puts me off and puts me on\r\nAnd had a bad day again\r\nShe said I would not understand\r\nShe left a note that said, “I”m sorry, I had a bad day again.”\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n Continue reading