Simply the BEST!

\r\n”THE” PLACE\r\n\r\n”THE” PASSPORT\r\n\r\n”THE” OFFICIAL INCUBUS SHIRT THAT COSTS AUD 45 !!\r\n\r\nhaha, this is really late, was suppose to publish this like 3 weeks ago but who cares.\r\njust wanna say that this is the greatest concert i”ve ever been. the first concert i”ve been, hahaha. me and nabil waited for the main gate to open. reached there around 6-6.30 pm? the weather was damn cold and i didnt bring my jacket. left it at the van, forgotten about it. first performance act was modular lounge or something. girl *rock* band from australia i i think. buduh gile memang tak best. almost asleep when they played their songs. so after one hour, at last incubus baru keluar. they played alot of songs tuh..\r\nmegalomaniac, drive, pardon me, vitamin, are you in, dan banyak banyak la lagi aku pun dah lupa. it”s really worth the money. but then, it was in melbourne, thats the only stupid thing. it it was in adelaide, it”ll be much better.

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