should i just let it be?

she was all happy when she called at first but i ruined everything. were all that my fault? i dont really thing so..\r\ni dont know, i really dont know, why must she mention about that barney the fugly dino? she likes barney? like W T F?!! barney that gay ass retard?!! who the fcuk man..apparantly she said that her other friends like barney too? she has over 30cds of barney?? !!\r\nwell okay, she likes barney. so why should i care?\r\nmeh, what ever, i cant stop her interest eh\r\nseriouslyyyyyyyyyyy she was soooooooooooooo damnnnnnnnnnn happyyyyyyyyyy and i”ve ruined her day. and mine too\r\ni really really can”t understand her feelings, she doesnt understand mine.\r\nwhy the hell are we together? for farkZ?\r\nshit ass damn…\r\nreally i cant see both of us going anywhere together\r\ni”ve never been together with a girl more than 4 months…its only 1+ month and we”re like this\r\nand i”ve spent alot on her.\r\ndamn damn?\r\nim so useless. didnt i tell myself that girls are just a pain in the ass?


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